• SlingShot Vehicle System Applique

SlingShot Vehicle System

SlingShot is a lightweight unit that converts existing tactical radios to TacSat, maintaining real-time BLOS comms in all situations and locations.

Providing low-latency voice and data connectivity to tactical radio networks and utilising L-TAC, Inmarsat’s I-4 L-band to L-band network, SlingShot delivers Beyond Line of Sight communications to users of UHF and VHF radios.

  • Designed to support in-service radios
  • Supports UHF & VHF military and commercial frequencies
  • Omni-directional antennas
  • Utilises Narrow Beams, Customised Beams and Relocatable Beams
  • Lease airtime is flexible according to requirement
  • Data enabled

There are SlingShot options for Aviation, when on foot (SlingShot Manpack), in a land-based vehicle (SlingShot Vehicle) or on water (SlingShot Maritime).


SlingShot Appliqué

SlingShot Vehicle System VHF Applique

The SlingShot Appliqué is the heart of the system. Weighing only between 489 g (UHF) and 550 g (VHF) it converts RF to commercial satellite frequency, working with the majority of in-service radios. Any Crypto is untouched by the Appliqué and is therefore maintained.

SlingShot Vehicle Antenna

New SlingShot Vehicle Antenna

The SlingShot Vehicle Antenna is omni-directional, so will maintain satellite communication, no matter which way you are heading. It has been tested at speeds in excess of 80mph (128kph) without loss of voice or data communications.

SlingShot Vehicle Power


The SlingShot Vehicle system is powered via the SlingShot UPSU. The UPSU can be run directly from the vehicle, plug into the cigarette lighter, or be run from mains.The UPSU gives power to the Appliqué which, in turn, powers the Antenna.

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