SlingShot Manpack System

SlingShot is a lightweight unit that converts existing tactical radios to TacSat, maintaining real-time BLOS comms in all situations and locations.

Providing low-latency voice and data connectivity to tactical radio networks and utilising L-TAC, Inmarsat’s I-4 L-band to L-band network, SlingShot delivers Beyond Line of Sight communications to users of UHF and VHF radios.

  • Designed to support in-service radios
  • Supports UHF & VHF military and commercial frequencies
  • Omni-directional antennas
  • Utilises Narrow Beams, Customised Beams and Relocatable Beams
  • Lease airtime is flexible according to requirement
  • Data enabled


SlingShot Manpack VHF Applique

The SlingShot Appliqué is the heart of the system. Weighing only between 507 g (UHF) and 605 g (VHF) it converts RF to commercial satellite frequency, working with the majority of in-service radios. Any Crypto is untouched by the Appliqué and is therefore maintained.

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