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The nature of conflict has changed and so have the information requirements of the commander right through to the front-line soldier.

Now, more than ever, the provision of reliable and resilient voice and data communications and quality military satellite communications is essential at the tactical level.

With a number of its personnel boasting a military background, Spectra has first-hand knowledge of the true value in having such services available, and the damaging effects of failure.

Spectra leads in the design and delivery of voice and data services for areas that have little or no communications infrastructure – predominantly in remote environments or environments that have been destroyed by natural disaster or conflict.


for Defence & Security

You are faced with the command and control of widely dispersed forces in a hostile environment. The terrestrial communications network has been destroyed and there are serious implications in spending the time fixing, protecting and sustaining them. There is UHF TacSat but not enough, and the channels are in short supply and expensive. What do you do?

SlingShot converts existing operational radios into Beyond Line of Sight Command and Control Communication devices without adding weight, bulk or visibility.

Spectra’s small and lightweight appliqué enables in-service government and military radios to operate over commercial L-band satellite, providing users with voice and data capability over tactical, theatre and strategic distances on existing equipment.

By using secure military satellite communications, the need for easily targetable ground relays or expensive air relays is removed and personnel can deploy rapidly and unencumbered.


for Defence & Security

You are a small or medium-sized team and need to set camp and install a communications hub.

What you need is a system that can utilise whatever infrastructure is available but is flexible enough to add satellite communications when other bearers aren’t available.

Teams using SHADE (The Spectra Hostile Area Deployment Environment) can rapidly deploy to remote or hostile areas knowing that their voice and data communications requirements are fully catered for, enabling them to concentrate on their main tasks.

SHADE is portable, pre-configured and is supported by highly skilled engineers in the 24/7 NOC (Network Operations Centre).

Satellite Services

for Defence & Security

Whatever your need, Spectra can create a communications platform that meets your voice, broadband and budgetary requirements.

Sometimes navigating the myriad of services available can seem daunting but Spectra has the expertise to understand and create a package that is moulded to deliver the right combination to ensure your organisation can remain in contact, with the right mix of services, no matter where or how hostile the environment in which you need to deploy.

BGAN, VSAT, SatPhone, Inmarsat, Thuraya, Iridium, Telenor, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Ka, Ku, L-Band? It can seem confusing, but talk to us and we will ask you the right the questions to deliver the right package for you.

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