DSEI 2023

At this year’s DSEI Spectra Group will SlingShot and next-gen Troposcatter.

Delivering beyond-line-of-sight communications-on-the-move using in-service tactical radios, the “battle-winning” SlingShot is uniquely proven, across all platforms.

Comtech’s Troposcatter complements SlingShot, providing high-bandwidth links over the horizon and in satellite-denied environments, eliminating airtime costs. A powerful duo for advanced strategic and tactical communication needs.

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In an industry teeming with constant change and innovation, it’s more important than ever to be ahead of the curve. This year at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2023, the largest event in the defence and security sector, you have the opportunity to do just that – by booking a meeting with Spectra Group.

Spectra Group is a global leader in specialist solutions for secure voice, data, and satellite communications. If your interest is piqued by ground-breaking technologies like Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) Communications, SlingShot for C2 Communications over thousands of kilometres, and how Troposcatter provides high data backbones in a satellite-denied environment, Spectra Group should be your first port of call.

In this dynamic environment, it’s crucial to have one-on-one time with the experts and gain insights straight from the source. However, as you can imagine, due to the importance and scale of DSEI 2023, slots for meetings are filling up fast.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to engage directly with Spectra Group, gain insights into their cutting-edge technologies, and understand how they can empower your operations.

Take the first step towards shaping the future of your organization’s communication capabilities. Book your meeting with Spectra Group at DSEI 2023 today! Be at the forefront, get inspired, and lead your organization into the future.

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Come and visit us at stand H6-150

Spectra Group are exhibiting at stand H6-150 at DSEI 2023

About SlingShot

Revolutionising Tactical Communications with Exceptional Range and Versatility

Battle-proven, SlingShot has already earned the Queen’s Award for Innovation and delivered “battle-winning” capability across four continents. Its unique capability to utilise Inmarsat’s L-TAC airtime with existing UHF and VHF tactical radios sets it apart from the competition, offering tactical communication range extension over thousands of miles. SlingShot’s versatility stands unmatched, delivering Command and Control communications across all platforms – whether stationary or on-the-move, and without the requirement for repeaters or expensive new radios and additional training. Its deployment delivers an unprecedented leap in operational efficacy and control.

About Troposcatter

Next-Generation Troposcatter: High Bandwidth and Extended Reach Without the SATCOM Costs

If you need resilient and robust networks over strategic distances without bearing the cost of SATCOM and with higher bandwidth capacity, a Troposcatter solution could be the answer. The next generation of Troposcatter technology from Comtech delivers data rates to 200 Mb/s over 200 km and more* without the need for terrestrial or satellite repeaters.

Tropscatter COMET is the perfect high-bandwidth mobile data backbone option for satellite-denied environments.