Over The Horizon Communications Networks

Depending on power, Comtech's MMTS Tropscatter system can reach beyond 200kms over the horizon at rates of 200Mb/s

Next Generation Troposcatter

High Capacity Robust & Resilient Strategic Communications

Over the Horizon Communications

If you need resilient and robust networks over strategic distances without bearing the cost of SATCOM and with higher bandwidth capacity, a Troposcatter solution could be the answer.

The next generation of Troposcatter technology from Comtech delivers data rates to 200 Mb/s over 200km and more* without the need for terrestrial or satellite repeaters.

Resilience in a Space-Denied Environment

Tropo provides a robust and resilient backbone in response to attempts to degrade or attack fixed communications or BLOS SATCOM. It also delivers where SATCOM is missing (Polar regions) or compromised by natural interference, such as solar or weather activity. Use it for rapid deployment, to thicken BLOS SATCOM infrastructure or as a fixed, resilient and robust network for smaller deployments.

High Power and Low Weight

Capable of 200 Mb/s* at 500 Watts, Comtech’s Mobile Transportable Tropo system (MTTS) considerably outstrips the data transfer rates available over satellite and without the associated annual cost overhead. The Compact Over-The-Horizon Mobile Expeditionary Terminal (COMET), weighing just 25.4 kg,  is designed for 60 km BLOS links at data rates of 5 to 60 Mbps,  and can be set up by one person in as little as 15 minutes.

Sovereign Communications

A Tropo solution provides a sovereign network capability. Nationally owned and operated, Tropo delivers secure high-bandwidth Over The Horizon networks above and beyond coalition capability and that offered by Commercial Satellite Providers (COMSATCOM).

Improved Mission Planning

The quick planning tool enables intuitive and straightforward mission communication planning. Using a Red/Amber/Green visual paradigm, communicators can instantly see what performance to expect from specified locations. Used in conjunction with Google Earth conservative estimations can be used to inform mission planning.

Ease of Use – Quick Setup – Minimal Training

The 500W Mobile Transportable Tropo System can be set up in less than 30 minutes by a team of 4 and will acquire a link within 15-20 minutes even in a GPS denied environment. The small 10W COMET system is very simple and can be rapidly set up and operational within 15 minutes. The training overhead is low and the GUI to operate both systems is very similar.

Strategic Intelligence & Global Defence

High capacity Over The Horizon networks means that commanders and analysts can access and process ‘big data’ more quickly to inform accurate and timely decision-making, thus increasing the operational tempo.

Deliver Collective Capacity

Multinational requirements continue to grow with bandwidth-heavy applications. Tropo can provide significant bandwidth for Brigades, Regiments and sub-units and thicken and complement existing or future networks.

Support STRIKE Brigades

Due to the nature of intelligence-led operations, the extensive use of ISR and comparatively large C4IS infrastructure to support multiple nodes, there are large bandwidth requirements for fixed bases and FOBs. Tropo gives the potential to provide HD quality, full-motion video, from tactical UAV assets back to the decision-makers and intelligence analysts by reaching out to the tactical edge.

Peacekeeping Operations

A Tropo hub and spoke infrastructure, such as was used by used Peace Support Operations in Kosovo, can deliver considerable savings compared to satellite over the length of deployment** as well as massively increasing the capability through higher bandwidth.

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response

Little to no organic communication availability is the character of Disaster Response and Humanitarian Aid operations.

Until now, expensive and strategically valuable MILSAT or COMSATCOM systems have had to provide initial communications. Providing a high capacity Tropo infrastructure with low running costs improves the response and cost-effectiveness of any operation.

Rescue Missions such as a NEO could potentially use Tropo, dependant on the footprint of the operation, to compliment or thicken an existing SATCOM capability. The availability of bandwidth is instant and does not attract the premium cost of a reduced Notice to Move (NTM) under an agreed Service Level Agreement with a PFI.

* path-dependent

** 20 years ongoing

Comtech's MTTS 2.4m dish next generation Troposcatter system