Spectra Group announces significant order intake milestone at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa

Spectra Group (UK) Ltd, a world leading solutions provider of high grade information security and communication capabilities, has today announced that in the 12 months since SOFIC last year, nearly 1000 SlingShot systems have been ordered from specialist end-users across 4 continents. This takes the total number of systems shipped to over the 3000 mark, further endorsing Spectra’s dominant position in the Tactical SATCOM market place.

Spectra’s SlingShot is a unique low SWaP system that enables in-service U/VHF tactical radios to utilise Inmarsat’s commercial satellite network for BLOS COTM. Including omnidirectional antenna for the man, vehicle, maritime and aviation platforms, the tactical net can broadcast over 1000s miles between forward units and a rear HQ, no matter how or where the deployment. In addition to C2 voice, the system enables data capability supporting mission critical applications such as; artillery fire missions, GPS tracking and biometric analysis. With reduced cost compared to traditional TACSAT, increased channel availability and almost no increase in the training burden, SlingShot is redefining tactical communications. Spectra has strategic relationships with both Inmarsat, whose L-TAC™ service uses SlingShot and Airbus, which brands SlingShot as TREx services.


This milestone announcement coincides with the SOFIC 2018 exhibition taking place in Tampa, Florida, 21-24 May. At SOFIC 2018, Spectra’s partners, ComSat, will be showcasing SlingShot on their stand (Booth 225) and Spectra representatives will also be on hand to provide further information, if required. Live demonstrations will also be taking place outside by appointment, at the Satcom Direct RV.


Simon Davies, CEO at Spectra Group (UK) Ltd said: “this order intake milestone is one we’re very proud of and proves, again, that SlingShot is fast becoming the system of choice for use by the world’s finest specialist users” He added: “we’re receiving significant amounts of interest in our products and services from around the globe so our attendance at SOFIC 2018 is another fantastic opportunity to meet people and explain the advantages of our systems. My team will be at the event so please do make contact by visiting the ComSat stand”.

Spectra Group CEO, Simon Davies nominated as a finalist in the British Ex-Forces in Business Awards 2018

Spectra Group’s CEO, Simon Davies, has been nominated as a finalist in the “Innovator of the Year” category at the British Ex-Forces in Business Awards, taking place on 17 May 2018.

The British Ex-Forces in Business Awards is the largest celebration and recognition of ex-military personnel in the UK workforce and the employers that support current and former members of the British Armed Forces. The high-profile ceremony not only gathers hundreds of business leaders to reveal and honour the winners, but also brings together top companies, key military personnel, politicians, journalists and other stakeholders. Together, the event raises awareness of resettlement issues and promotes further dialogue around the importance of ex-forces employment initiatives and promotes the significant value that military-gained skills, if better utilised in the UK workforce, can provide to the British economy.

Presenting the awards at London’s prestigious Grand Connaught Rooms on 17 May will be talkRadio morning show host Julia Hartley-Brewer. The event also welcomes bestselling author and SAS veteran Andy McNab as a guest speaker and other prominent figures such as General Sir Mike Jackson and Simon Weston CBE. Entertainment will be provided by the Military Wives Choir.

Simon Davies, CEO at Spectra Group said: “I’m honoured to have been nominated as a finalist in these awards. I’m very proud of my military service but I’m equally as proud of what we have achieved here at Spectra Group since I left the Armed Forces. To be recognised for that is a personal honour but it also very much reflects on my team here at Spectra Group”. He added: “we find it highly beneficial to offer the well-trusted skillsets delivered by ex-forces personal when tailoring products and services for those operating in high-risk customer environments, such as cyber security and military”.

Spectra Helping Local Charities

Earlier this year Spectra Group reaffirmed its commitment to charity by supporting Herefordshire fundraisers The Merry Millers in raising funds for St Michael’s Hospice.

Spectra believes firmly in giving back and is a long-term supporter of Soldiering On, SSAFA and more recently, Team Army. So when The Merry Millers, fundraisers-extraordinary of Herefordshire, approached Spectra to support local charity St Michael’s Hospice, the company was more than happy to help out by donating for auction a day in its private box at Herefordshire Race Course.

Bid winner Frank Green with Simon and Paul Davies of Spectra Group.

St Michael’s Hospice provides Inpatient Services and hospice daycare in addition to supporting patients in a range of settings, including their homes. The Merry Millers, well known within the county for their stellar fundraising activities,  chose the Hospice as the beneficiaries for their mini-event at Hereford Racecourse on March 27th. Frank Green made the winning bid for Spectra’s private box and, overall, more than £2500 was raised on the day.

Essential Tips for Safeguarding Your Business Against Cyber Crime

With cyber crime costing UK businesses £30 billion a year, and causing many to close, it’s time to start making cyber security a priority.

Spectra Cybersecurity Solutions support SMEs and UK Govt in protecting themselves, whilst maintaining business efficiency but general awareness is the first step to being secure.

The list of cyber threats can seem endless. But, there are many steps you can take toward protecting your business.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some essential tips for safeguarding your business against cyber crime.

Identify All Possible Threats

‘Cyber Risk Reviews must consider IT in your facilities such as AirCon, Lifts, Doors, Alarms & CCTV not just networks’ – Cevn Vibert, Industrial Cyber Security Advisory Director at Vibert Solutions

Before implementing any safeguarding measures, you need to work out how secure your business is currently.

The best way to do this is through a cyber security audit. This will help you understand where you are in terms of risk by identifying any potential threats.

When it comes to protecting your business, you need to be aware of both internal and external threats. These can include:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Hacking
  • Employees using infected home devices at work
  • Bots
  • Malware

The world of cyber crime is constantly evolving. New variants on old scams can pose a deceptive threat! You might think you’re aware of certain scams, but they’re always changing.

So, the best way to tackle cyber crime is by staying up to date with the latest threats. If you know what you’re up against, you can take action to prevent it!

Also, ensure all your systems are up to date, as the latest software often contains security fixes. Is your data backed up? Have you installed malware protection? There are many ways to protect your business.

Identifying all potential threats will help you safeguard against them!

Make Cyber Security a Business Priority

‘Don’t wait for an incident to occur, act now to protect the network and assets within it. Failure to do so can have significant impacts financially and impact the reputation of an organisation to a degree which they may not recover from’ – Dan Driver, Head of Perception at Chemring Technology Solutions

Once your risk assessment is out of the way, it’s time to start thinking strategically.

Have an action plan in place to deal with cyber crime, and ensure all employees are made aware of it. Everyone in your organisation plays a vital role in keeping the business secure!

Take extra care when sharing data with third parties. Any outside contractors or suppliers should be compliant with your security plan. Your data is vulnerable, especially when it comes to transiting across public networks.

But, internal threats shouldn’t be ignored! Ensure your password policy is effective. Passwords should be:

  • Stored away from the device
  • Easily and safely reset
  • Difficult to guess

Once your security plan is implemented, don’t assume the job is done. Make sure you keep monitoring and testing security controls at all times.

Leverage Existing Schemes

‘The most important stuff isn’t complex. Getting the basics right with Cyber Essentials can greatly reduce the threats’ – Richard Bach, Co-Founder & Director at XQ Cyber

The good news is, while the world of cyber crime is constantly evolving, so are the ways to take action against it.

There are many online resources out there to help you!

For example, the government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme is specifically designed for SMEs, and can help prevent up to 80% of all attacks.

Assume You’ll Be Hacked

‘Prepare and test a plan to identify, communicate and recover to ensure you can rapidly resume business with limited impact’ – Sam Smith, Head of Digital Risk and Security at Cadent Gas Ltd

The fact is: no business is safe from cyber crime.

So, don’t wait until the worst happens! If you have a plan in place, you’ll not only make your business less susceptible to risks, but better equipped to deal with them if they happen.

You want to build a strong strategic approach. Hackers and threats will be able to detect your weaknesses, so don’t give them anything to take advantage of.

Ask yourself:

  • How safe is your data?
  • Can your business manage through a period of temporary downtime?
  • Are all your systems backed up?

Preparing for the worst is a proactive approach! You’ll give your business the best chance of staying safe from cyber crime.

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